Trans Secrets
Not a secret, but instead in need of advice and insight.

A warning… There’s triggers in this.


My given name is Brandy, my middle name Nicole. Lately I’ve been going by Nykki (a shortening of Nikolai that’s more readily accepted by strangers and my workplace). And currently? I’ve been thinking a lot about my life, who I am… Who I want to be. And I think I need some advice from people outside my normal life. But for that, there’s gotta be some back story, I suppose.

I was born to a single mother. From what I’ve been told, my biological father left before I was born and the father of my step brother didn’t want me because I wasn’t his. Eventually, my mother married. At first things were good, I suppose. Happy. But things started to get bad. I was abused, to say the least. For the longest time I didn’t know it wasn’t normal. I thought I was a bad kid. Then, when I was around ten I was a victim of sexual abuse from my step brother. Once it was found out… Well, things didn’t get any better. I never saw him after the court case again. But my now ex-step father just got more violent.

Eventually my mother divorced him. Life was okay for awhile, before she started blaming me for her lot in life. As it stands now I have no true family to speak to. But this isn’t my main point today.

I’m unsure of who I am. Growing up, I always hung out with the boys, most of my friends (what few ones I had) were boys. I never really was able to understand girls, and I still have problems with that. Hell, looking at old pictures of me from when I was a kid I completely looked the part of a boy.

When puberty hit, things pretty much hit rock bottom. I was ashamed of how my body was developing, that I was different than guys. I grew extremely depressed, repeatedly attempted suicide. Yet at the same time, this was also just after I had escaped the torture my ex-step father put me through and I still thought that I deserved to be punished. The line of where the need for punishment ended and the hatred of what I was going through is blurry.

I started wearing clothes way too large for me, to hide what was happening to my body. Withdrew even more. I was often mistaken as a guy, and I actually felt just a little happier when it happened. I barely noticed it after awhile, even. But I definitely noticed when I was used with ‘she’ or ‘her’. And it always made me feel self conscious.

Eventually it got to the point that I couldn’t really feasibly hide the differences between myself and the guys around me so I stopped trying so hard. I still loathed things girly - dresses, the color pink and such forth, but I started wearing clothes that actually fit. Eventually I got comfortable enough in those clothes - though I still preferred a t-shirt and jeans to anything else.

In high school I identified myself as bisexual. That hasn’t exactly changed, though it’s a bit more complicated. I don’t really care about the gender of whomever I like, but with girls it’s only an emotional thing. A guy? It can be both an emotional and a physical attraction.

Over the past year, I’ve reflected a lot on my life. I stopped self-harming in my junior year, reached out for help with my depression, talked to my friends when I was upset. I realized that my relationship with my mother had become toxic, and I moved out last year. I’ve even (on rare occasions) been comfortable enough to wear a dress or a skirt. I turned 21 a few months ago, and I’m applying for college in the spring. I finally feel like I’m able to live my life the way I should be, instead of hiding from the past and in constant fear. One thing I realized during all of this? I still feel more comfortable being perceived as a male. It feels more natural.

Yet, at the same time I know that even if I was born male, I would probably still occasionally wear a skirt or dress. Because even when I’m wearing those things, I feel male. I still wear t-shirts and jeans mainly though, and I’m more comfortable and confident when I’m wearing clothing traditionally meant for men. It’s only extremely rare that I feel at all feminine.

So I’ve been wondering… Am I transgender? Am I gender fluid? Is this confusion some kind of phase? Is it a psychological reaction to constantly being assured as a child by my ex-step father that, were I male the abuse would have been worse?

I keep asking myself what I’m happier with? I’ve asked myself if it’s just the need for change, if it’s just my want to start over new and create a better life for me? Will it really make myself happy? When I go to college, should I be open about how I feel about my gender, or should I hide it?

I’ve told several of my friends my feelings on the matter and all of them, luckily have accepted this fact. The person I’m currently dating even refers to me as his boyfriend to his friends (something that actually makes me extremely happy). I’ve referred to myself as transgendered a few times, as have my friends.

I don’t really have anyone to talk to that knows anything about this, so I wanted to post this here after a friend of mine linked me. I’d really like to have any thoughts or opinions you’d be willing to share, if you have time.

I’m scared to come out as transgendered to my friends and family.. but I don’t want to be stuck in this body forever..

I wish my family would just get off the fence.

I’m trans, I came out 3 years ago. We NEVER talk about it, I rarely assert myself enough to ask for the right name and pronouns. I really do think it would be easier if they would just tell me to get out OR actually try to accept me instead of ignoring me (unlikely, based on past experiences).

[image description-Background-Alternating colors of blue, pink and white done with the oil paint tool. Text style-FlemishScript BT Text-“I know its wrong, but some days I feel “fake” because I didn’t know I was trans as a child.”]

[image description-Background-Alternating colors of blue, pink and white done with the oil paint tool. Text style-FlemishScript BT Text-“I know its wrong, but some days I feel “fake” because I didn’t know I was trans as a child.”]